Media Center

Welcome to the Rensselaer Central Middle School Media Center. The media center is open from 8:06 AM - 3:20 PM each school day. 

The media center is a valuable tool for all students. Use of the media center is encouraged on a regular basis. The media center is also a quiet place for independent research and study. The following rules apply when using the media center:

  • Checking Out Books - Students may check out books for up to two weeks at a time. Books may be renewed up to twice. Reference books and periodicals may not be checked out. They may be used in the media center only.
  • Overdue Books - Students are expected to return their books in a timely fashion. Students having an overdue book will not be allowed to check out any additional books until the overdue book has been returned or until the student pays for the missing book in full. Student still having overdue books upon graduating eighth grade will not be permitted to check out books at the high school until the middle school books are returned or replacement fees have been paid. 

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