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How Can I Help My Middle Schooler Make Good Decisions?

  • Give your middle schooler the opportunity to make choices about food clothes, and other non-critical areas, even when it's easier to simply issue a command.
  • Ask for your child's opinion about what should be done in various situations.
  • Let your child be the one to decide if more practice on a task or skill is needed before trying something harder.
  • Permit your child to decide how to solve problems, even though you would find it quicker to provide a solution. Explore together the possible consequences if certain choices are made.
  • Let your middle schooler offer concrete evidence to show a readiness for new privileges or responsibilities.
  • When conflicts arise, request that your middle schooler take some responsibility for resolving them in a way that will work for all involved.
  • If your child is angry, have him or her cool down rather than make a rash decision.
  • Give your middle schooler the space to make poor (but not life-threatening) decisions. Teens, like us all, often learn from mistakes.
  • Offer your support and understanding when your teen makes mistakes in judgment. Then discipline as needed.
  • Acknowledge your middle schoolers good decisions. Point them out when made and refer to them when future decisions are required.

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