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Hi I'm Debra Spangler. I love my profession and embrace the awesome responsibility and privilege of teaching your child to read and write well. The following is my teaching philosophy-- Middle schools and high schools provide a fundamental situation to prepare young people for a democratic and civic life. Generation upon generation has reached productive and rewarding adulthood having benefited from the experiences they have had in the public school systems. Young people of all backgrounds learn how to be Americans in public schools. Since I influence the way a child thinks, it is vital that I have a personal teaching philosophy that incorporates elements of effective instruction with kindness, caring and humor. I know my influence can last a lifetime. Student-centered instruction in which the student, not me, becomes the maker of knowledge is essential for effective education. Teachers should act as coaches and facilitators of learning to promote more active involvement of students in their own learning. Also, I understand that my attitude affects the outcome of every lesson. Therefore, it is essential that students believe that I care about them. Connections in learning are made when I care and am concerned about my students. Finally, assessment should flow from the idea that it promotes learning--it schould be about learning,not about catching students in mistakes. For example, assessment of a student's writing should be an evolving process in which I mark and provide feedback on successive drafts--in effect, assessing the work as the student polishes it into a finished product.
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