Academic Programs at RCMS

Each student at RCMS is reqired to take Language Arts, Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies. The remainder of their schedule is comprised of Physical Education, Health, Fine & Applied Arts, and other electives that the student may rotate throughought the school year. Additional Language Arts and Math instruction may also be added to the student's schedule in the form of remediation classes. This extra assistance is designed to help your student obtain the skills necessary to succeed in high school and beyond.

Teachers at RCMS are organized into interdisciplinary grade level teams. This structure allows students to work with a common set of teachers and allows for collaboration among the teachers, integration of the curriculum and coordination of the team's activities. Teachers meet daily as a team to discuss common team goals, monitor individual student progress, coordinate team activities and communication with parents. To view a teacher's website, please use the Class Web Pages link under the Academics tab of the grey menu bar.