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2012 to 2013 Seventh Grade Science
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As of 1/3/2013, I will be using a different, easier to use website. Please visit:

RCMS Science: Helping young scientists grow!


Soil Videos - layers, texture, compostion, and decomposition
Here are the notes and videos from  12-20-2012. Watch them as often as you need to.

The last video we watched in class, "The Living Soil" is too big of a file to post on here. Sorry! (It was alot of time lapse video, but no notes; it was just cool to watch!)
SEPUP: Understanding Concepts Score Guide

Here is a copy of the UC score guide. It is updated with the new scores for each level and clarifications that were discussed in class last week.

Students are receiving a copy for their in class on Tuesday 12-18-2012

Week 17: December 17 to December 21, 2012
Soil Unit Resource
This document is from the FUSION textbook. It provides a nice overview of standard 7.2.6. Every student has a black and white copy. Here is the colored version for clarification, especially for the pictures. We will refer to this packet from time to time.
Week 14: 11-26 to 11-30-2012
Week 13: 11-19-2012 to 11-23-2012

The following attachment is a key to the study guide. Use it to check your answers. It is NOT a substitute for doing your own study guide. Use your notebook and the textbook (online or in zone/study hall) to fill out or create your own study guide.

REMEMBER: You will turn in something to prove you studied. If you haven't done this on the day of the test, you will not be allowed to retake or make corrections to it if you don't do well.

Week 12: 11-12-2012 to 11-16-2012

Act. 17

Week 11: 11/5/2012 to 11/9/2012
Week 9: 10-22-2012 to 10-26-2012
Week 8: 10-15-2012 to 10-19-2012
Interactive Anatomy

Some cool website about your insides!


Photo Gallery
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